Mistletoe at Christmas

Mistletoe as a decoration gives a rustic feel to your party venue or home. Mistletoe has been a Christmas Tradition for many years in the Western World, going back to Druid times. Druids believed mistletoe to have special powers and it was revered, especially if the mistletoe came from an oak tree. It could only be cut down with a golden dagger.

In more modern times ‘A Kiss For Every Berry‘ has been a traditional Christmas custom for many years. A berry is removed before every kiss, and here at English Mistletoe we make sure we provide lots of berries for lots of kissing.

Why not add a natural touch to your home or party venue this Christmas by including mistletoe amongst your decorations? Add mistletoe to holly and ivy garlands for a special touch and don't forget to hang a bunch of berried mistletoe in your home for that traditional Christmas look.